Sarah Malone

Having grown up in one of the worlds most isolated cities, I haven’t shied away from travel, in fact it is one of my favourite things to do! I have spent a lot of time across Asia, explored parts of Europe and America, with many more places still on the bucket list. When asked, it’s a struggle to choose a favourite place I have been, but… I would travel back to Japan in a heart beat! A retreat in the Maldives, would be the perfect excuse to return!

I’m a full-time educator, Studio Owner, Yoga, Sound and Meditation teacher, practicing Artist AND a self confessed crazy cat mum! Being in nature both inspires me creatively and always brings me back to myself, much like my personal yoga practice. My offerings are an extension of this; creative, nourishing and spacious all with the intention to hold space for a deeper level of connection to self. 

For my 30th birthday I gifted myself a private room on my first retreat over on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. Breaking away from daily routine, immersing myself in a world of yoga and meditation nestled in  nature;  was the perfect act of self love. I believe we should all have the opportunity to retreat at least once in our lives.


Katie Green

I’m not your average Sagittarius but look, I do love adventure and travel.

I spent the best part of my twenties being blessed to live in the UK and travel around Europe, America and India. My favourite question to be asked is: where and why is your favourite place you have been to? By the way my answer is, Turkey but my favourite place to retreat in is Bali…or Hawaii, both? Me and travel – it’s in the stars. I’m a Yoga, Breathwork, Qi Gong, Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Seeker. I offer a deeply grounding, introspective, explorative and safe practice.

I am a big advocate for retreats, I have attended a few ‘hand made’ retreats in Bali with friends, but my first non-self-curated retreat was a Vipassana meditation retreat in Western Australia. It was the kindest (and most challenging) act I had done for myself. Take time, for me to be with me. I went on to do more of those plus a few yoga retreats in Denmark and Dwellingup, all within the space of a few years. I love retreats for the pure declaration of self love, care and appreciation. It’s this unique and incredibly special pocket of time, on your timeline that you’ve allocated just for you, out of your daily life and schedule and through this comes great clarity and an opportunity for transformation.


Katiara Retreats

Some connections are as effortless, as natural, as breathing and so Katiara Retreats was founded. Through our aligned values and vision, our love of yoga, chai, escaping Winter and doing things in a way that is very unique to us and our offerings. We are Katiara – literally.

We understand the great importance of taking retreat for self and we take the roles as care takers, facilitators and space holders, very seriously. Our retreats aren’t a curated yoga holiday, they’re an opportunity for deep rest, reflection and introspection. We believe in the importance retreating, of removing ourselves from our daily schedule, routine and responsibilities. In having others hold space and nurture you. In doing so, there is this new space for clarity, nervous system regulation, transformation and community connection.

It’s with great reverence that we suggest: come and retreat with us.


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